Our line of business /-/ pressure die casting tools /-/ normally involves one-off production in which every individual component in the tool is often custom designed for one specific tool. As a result, almost all the preparatory work in the form of drawings and 3D models is completely unique for each tool. This places high demands on both our employees and their tools so that we can produce a complex engineering design in as short a time frame as possible.

Five engineering designers/project managers work in our design department. All the preparatory work in the design process is done using three-dimensional, parametric solids which together provide a visualisation of the complete tool. All the work is done in CAD software CREO. Even though each tool we make is more or less unique, we use our own specially developed methodology which is based on extensive standardisation. This methodology means that within a very short time we can present complete design proposals as a basis for discussion for the subsequent component design. In developing this methodology we also ensured it was possible for several designers to work in parallel on a project /-/ something that is often necessary given the short lead times demanded by the market today. Finally, we must also be able to respond flexibly to the changing conditions that often occur while a tool is being designed and manufactured.