Swedish industry is characterised by a rapid pace of change. This situation applies both to computer environments and to methods and machinery. This rapid change places extraordinary demands on us. What was the latest technology only two years ago can be obsolete today.

For this reason, Richardssons is in a process of continual change in which we work to find new and more effective ways to develop our methodology. We are continually developing our machinery and our goal is to offer our customers the latest possibilities on every occasion.

Richardssons has its own engineering design department and we use Pro/ENGINEER for modelling and designing. We were one of the first tools manufacturers to invest in CAD/CAM. With 25 years’ experience of computerised engineering design work, we now have a highly advanced and well-developed design methodology. This, combined with our extensive experience in operator-controlled automatic toolpath generation with WorkNC CAD/CAM software, results in a rapid, flexible process in which we make maximum use of our employees’ various areas of expertise.