We´re never satisfied

Tools manufacturers are a tribe of pedants. Things must be right down to the smallest detail. For this reason it was natural for Richardssons to start working with quality assurance at an early stage. As a modern company we are naturally also protective of the environment. We are therefore certified in accordance with both the ISO 9000 quality standard and the ISO 14000 environmental management system. In our integrated operational system we also work actively to optimise our work environment so that we can provide a safe place of employment for our staff.

Richardssons’ overall goal is to be a reliable supplier with a high level of quality and expertise. The company takes a zero-fault approach to all its operations, not just in its finished tools. Our employees take responsibility for the quality of their own work and for a fault-free delivery to the next stage of our production.

At Richardssons we have always worked like this. There is simply no other way to achieve our goal: pressure die casting tools of optimal quality.