Richardssons Verktygsservice AB is one of Sweden’s largest manufacturers of tools and specialises in the design and manufacture of pressure die casting tools. The company will manufacture and supply moulding tools that meet customer demands and expectations with regard to function, measurement accuracy, delivery time and cost. At the same time, the company’s operations will not cause accidents or injuries to people or harm the external environment. We will achieve this by:

  • working in a target-oriented and systematic way with continual quality improvements and improvements to both the internal and external environment.
  • using current legislation and official requirements as our minimum standards.
  • taking pre-emptive measures to prevent harming people or the environment, for example by polluting.
  • taking into account quality, environment and work environment aspects when we alter our production processes, develop new methods and make new investments.
  • all our staff will be committed to and take responsibility for quality and the environment. This will be achieved via discussions, disseminating information, providing training and encouraging active participation in quality and environment work.
  • having open and constructive communication with our customers, suppliers, the authorities, and other stakeholders regarding quality and environment issues.
  • increasing our recycling and reuse and thereby achieving an ecological perspective and waste reduction.
  • not to expose our personnel to ill health in any way caused by imbalance between demands and resources in the workload.
  • not tolerate offensive special treatment or psychological harassment in any form.
  • comply with applied laws, regulations, collective agreements and industry standards on working hours, including overtime


Niklas Eidersjö, CEO